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Posing Suit Terms & Conditions 


Center Stage Posing Suits Terms and Conditions


PRICING: Each suit is a unique creation designed to offer a variety of decorative patterns, stone adornments, fabrics and colors. Prices are based on fabric, style, stones and appliques used.  Stones and trimmings are quality Swarovski crystals or quality rhinestones.  ALL READY MADE SUITS ARE unique creations and cannot be further customized.  Please make your suit selection based on the size, design, fabric and color(s) described and shown. If you would like a custom-made suit, please reach us to discuss your budget, size, design preferences, etc.  Please feel free to email any inquiries prior to ordering if you need additional information on suit customization.  

ORDERING: For custom suits, please order a minimum of 6 weeks prior to your competition to allow time for us to send your undecorated suit to you for fitting.  Once we receive the suit back, your suit will be decorated. Please order ahead.

RUSH ORDERS: If you are ordering a custom-made suit within 4 weeks of your show date, a rush fee of $50-$75 will apply (depending on timeframe).

FITTING: Upon receipt of your deposit, we will create your custom suit based on the measurements you provide.  We realize that when you order, you may not be show ready so we take into consideration that you will be leaner than the measurements you provide at the time of order.  Your undecorated suit will be sent to you for fitting.

  • If the suit fits:  Perfect! Send the suit back and upon receipt, we will begin decorating your suit.  Buyer pays postage for shipping back suit.
  • If the suit does not fit: No worries, we can discuss what alterations need to be made.  Video chat is ideal for reviewing and discussing alterations real-time.  Please be sure to take photos of your fitting.

RETURN POLICY: There are no returns or refunds once your suit has been cut. There are no refunds on off the rack suit purchases.  Center Stage Posing Suits will not be responsible for any lost, damaged or late delivery of suits shipped. Suits cannot be replaced or reimbursed. All sales are final so we cannot accept returns or exchanges.

DEPOSIT:  A deposit of $200 is required upon order confirmation.  Once your custom suit is cut/sewn, your deposit can not be refunded.

PAYMENT: Payment can be made by PayPal, Google Checkout, Visa or MasterCard.  No other forms of payment are accepted.  

SHIPPING: We ship via USPS Priority mail service which takes 2-4 days for delivery.  Rush shipping options are available per request.

FABRIC/SUIT CARE:  Your suit is a big investment so proper maintenance and care are important.  It is recommended to hand wash your suit with Woolite and lay it flat to dry.  DO NOT USE WASHER OR DRYER MACHINES.  For heavily adorned suits, use extra care in handling. 

Quality workmanship is our top priority and the handcrafting process is quite meticulous.  We take extra care to secure all adornments so that you get many wears from your suit. However, we cannot be held responsible for any adornments that become loose, pop and/or fall off. Any repairs needed after suit delivery will be at cost.

ACCEPTANCE OF TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Your acknowledgment on the ORDER FORM indicates that you have read and accept these Term and Conditions. 

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding placing an order. Email centerstageposingsuits@outlook.com or call (407) 580-0883.  Thank you!

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About Us

Center Stage Posing Suits was created by Anissa Joyner, Pro Figure competitor. The name says it all…Center Stage. When it’s time to show off your hard work, don’t get lost in the line-up! Stand out Center Stage with a posing suit that will ‘WOW’ the judges!